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Whether your dancer is just starting out, or has been dancing for years.  If you are looking to just have fun, or are looking to prepare for a career in dance.  To the Pointe has something for everyone.  We offer classes for every age, every level, in every style.  Our classes are built on classical dance training curriculum with a focus on developing proper technique and injury prevention.  The skills taught in each level are determined by both the physical and emotional development of each age group.  Strong technique is the foundation of a long lasting career.  And the safety and wellbeing of our dancers is our number one priority, therefore level placement is determined solely by the director and assistant directors.  To find the best class and teacher for your dancer, please contact us and set up an appointment!  We'd love to meet you!

To the Pointe has also partnered with a number of different homeschool groups and charter schools to use education funding towards dance classes.  Our classes can be applied towards your art and P.E. requirements.  Contact us today to see if we are already a vendor for your group!

Recreational Classes

  • Ages 2-adult
  • Ballet, pointe, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, tap, hip-hop, conditioning, & more!
  • Year round classes
  • Seasonal recitals
  • Professional faculty
  • Small class size
  • Strong emphasis on modesty and character development
  • Fun yet challenging curriculum

TTP Ballet Academy

  • Comprehensive ballet training program for the serious ballet student
  • Dancers will progress through 5 levels of curriculum (pre-ballet, basic ballet, elementary, intermediate, and pre-professional)
  • Minimum weekly classes may include ballet, pre-pointe/pointe work, conditioning/technique, electives, plus Repertory classes
  • Annual Summer Intensive
  • Annual Academy Repertory Showcase
  • Academy graduates are eligable to audition for our professional company, Aletheia Contemporary Dance Theatre

Pre-Professional Program

  • Pre-professional training program for dancers interested in pursuing a professional dance career
  • Choose from comprehensive track (all dance styles) or ballet track
  • Minimum core classes + elective classes
  • Seasonal evaluations
  • Annual showcase
  • Monthly Master Classes & Workshops
  • Headshots and apprenticeships opportunities with Aletheia Contemporary Dance Theatre


Ballet is the most traditional form of dance. It is based on classical steps and technique utilizing the proper body positions and turn out. Emphasis is placed on proper body placement and building the foundation for proper movement.

Our Bible & Ballet Foundations classes begin with a 15 minute devotional or Bible story followed by 45 minutes of mastering the fundamentals of ballet, while learning new skills and necessary terminology.
Our Ballet Repertory students take 3-4 ballet classes a week and have an extra performance in May consisting of variations and excerpts from classical ballets.

Our ballet curriculum consists primarily of Vaganova vocabulary and syllabus.

Music: Classical

Attire: Pink leather or canvas split sole ballet shoes, pink footed tights, black leotard. ballet wrap skirt. Hair must be classical bun and tidy. Advanced students may be allowed at teacher discretion to wear color leotards for foundations classes. NO SHORTS OR WARMUPS.


Pointe work adds the element of dancing in pointe shoes to classical ballet technique.

At TTP, to be considered for the difficulty of pointe work, students must be at least 11 years old, have a minimum of 4 consecutive years (including summers) of ballet training, and must be at an intermediate to advanced level. Students begin in pre-pointe and can, when ready, graduate to Pointe I and Pointe II.

Ballet Repertory students enrolled in pointe also have the opportunity to perform en pointe with variations and excerpts.

Music: Classical

Attire: Pointe shoes, pink tights, black leotard, black ballet wrap skirt. Advanced students may wear color leotards for Foundations classes. NO SHORTS OR WARMUPS. 


Jazz is a modern dance style based on the principles of classical ballet. It is usually high energy and fast paced while utilizing the proper techniques learned in ballet.

Music: Pop, dance music

Attire: Black split sole jazz shoes, leggings/jazz pants/knee length sweats (no short shorts or soffies), tank top or cap-sleeve shirt (no baggy clothing or bare midriffs), or leotard under leggings

Lyrical & Contemporary

Lyrical is a modern dance style based on the principles of ballet and jazz while allowing the music to create the movement itself. Lyrical dances typically tell stories and convey specific emotions. Emphasis is placed on flow, transitions, and emotion.

Contemporary is a new style of dance that fuses modern, lyrical, and athleticism.  There is no "one style" of contemporary.  It often "breaks the rules" of the traditional and classical dance formula.  However, a strong technical foundation is important.  In order to intentionally "break the rules," one must first have mastered the rules.

Music: Flowing music with or without lyrics that contribute to the movement and choreography.  Often a story or emotion drives the choreography and style.

Attire: bare feet or jazz shoes, leggings/jazz pants/knee length sweats (no short shorts), tank top or cap-sleeve shirt (no baggy clothing or bare midriffs)


Tap is a rhythm based dance style focused on using the feet to create unique sounds and steps. Focus is on rhythm recognition, foot-eye coordination, and syncopation with other dancers and music.

Attire: Black tap shoes (leather jazz tap style for ages 10+), exercise pants or capris, tank or t-shirt


Hip-hop is a pop culture phenomenon that has swept the world by storm. Emphasis is placed on unique choreography and movement to fast paced, high energy hip-hop music as well as understanding the ideas of isolating specific body parts and popping.

Attire: Street tennis shoes (Converse are acceptable), comfy "move-able" clothing, no bare midriffs or short shorts


Our combo classes are 1/2 hour tap and 1/2 hour ballet or jazz and may also include basic tumbling. They are geared specifically for our younger dancers between the ages of 3-6 with focus placed on the development of self esteem, motor skills, balance, coordination, and social skills while learning to take direction. Dance games and props are also used to encourage creativity and expression in movement.

Attire: Pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes, any color leotard, tights, & ballet skirt. Dance dresses with skirts attached must have leotard and tights underneath for modesty. No leotards without tights.

We can't wait to meet you